By evaluating and placing the technique and skill of the athlete for their particular sport in the forefront, we program the training based off the individual’s physical and mechanical evaluations. We then apply and manage physical and physiological stress to the athlete that produces efficient and optimal gains while allowing them to properly recover. 

We have a 3-step process that we use to improve our athletes’ performance and decrease their risk of injuries

Biomechanical and kinesiological evaluation

  1. Knowing exactly what happens in execution of the sports skills is needed before specific exercises and drills can be developed to modify and enhance technique and increase the athletes physical abilities
  2. This allows us to see what key actions need improvement, and those that are performed well are brought out.

Special Strength Training

  1. Following the Principle of Dynamic Correspondence we us general and specialized resistance exercises to improve the athletes performance in his/her sports discipline.
  2. The use of specialized exercises, which couples strength & technique your help yield the greatest improve for the athletes in there sport as well as decrease their risk of injury.

Maximize speed and explosive training

  1. At this time the athlete perfects their technique in relation to the levels of strength, flexibility, speed and explosiveness needed.
    • Quarterback will be able to throw further & quicker
    • Sprinter will be able to run faster

There are 2 proven ways to improve and perfect athletic abilities and overall performance.

  • Improve the athletes technique/skills used in their sport
  • Develop their physical abilities (strength / power / speed) as it relates to their techniques/skills needed in their sport

At DC Sports Training, its is the coupling of strength & technique that yields our athletes amazing results that transfer to their sport, while simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of injury.

We want too:

1) Improve sport technique. (skill execution)

2) Improve physical qualities (strength/endurance/flexibility/speed, ect.) as it relates to the technique.

3) Improve sport technique & physical qualities simultaneously.

4) Use the most efficient means and methods possible that improves sport results and that allows the athlete to recover.

5) Decrease the likelihood of injuries.

6) Educate our athletes how to be self-sufficient both in and out of the gym.