Our Story 


Chris Canady and Yosef Johnson originally founded DC Sports Training in 2012 with the hopes of bringing Yosef’s expertise in physical preparation to a select group of tennis players.

There were two significant problems with this venture. First, Yosef lives in Muskegon, MI and all training would have to be conducted through the use of emailing video and webcam programs which obviously, is not an ideal set-up. Second, Chris was not, and is not, a physical preparation coach. This meant that Yosef would not only have to train the athletes but simultaneously train Chris to conduct the workouts appropriately. This was obviously a huge challenge, but despite all of the logistical nightmares, they were able to produce very significant results with the small group and they decided it was time to expand and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

With this in mind, they hired Jeff Moyer in January of 2013 to work in conjunction with Yosef to design and implement all aspects of the athletes training. This was a great step forward for DC Sports Training as Jeff is an expert in the field and has been apprenticing under the best and brightest in the industry.