Sports Vision Training:

Vision is a critical factor/ most important of the sensory systems when it comes to sport performance. Vision provides the athlete with information regarding where and when to perform... The whole eyes lead the body.  If the visual system is inefficient in any way (taking in visual information or processing), no amount of size, speed, strength, agility etc can completely make up for that - the athlete is less likely to perform to their highest ability.  The more efficient and automatic the visual system is (coupled with the other sensory systems) the quicker an athlete can process, decide and react to a stimulus. An efficient processing system allows for less energy to be devoted towards that part of the process and more energy available for when the challenges of stress, fatigue, and distractions present themselves.

Just like physical abilities of the body (strength, power, speed, ect.) therer are visual abilities of the eyes and the brain.  At DC Sports Training we are able to not only assess these abilities, but also are able to enhance them and incorperate them into the sport skills needed.