"DC sports training is about one word: performance. Whether you are off-season weight lifting, doing schoolwork, or recovering from the stress of an season activity, the focus with Jeff is always on performance. Through my off-season training with Jeff I was more than prepared to perform at the highest level for my senior football season. Despite an extremely rigorous and physically demanding season, thanks in large part to Jeff's in-seasoned management of my aches and pains, I was able to make it through injury free. Jeff is a great trainer motivator and person. I'm happy to have developed a great relationship with him and fully expect that he will continue to help me as I move to the next level. Thanks Jeff!"                                                                                           - Jack Hansberry - H.S. Football Player
"Even though I've spent little time training with Jeff Moyer as compared to most of the athletes and clients he has trained, I can confidently say that the training I experienced with Jeff was better than any other training I've endured.  The results I gained from Jeff's training methods were just simply greater in every way than any thing else I have ever done. Also, the results I obtained from training with Jeff's methods were developed mostly from basic training concepts and little special work.  So, had I sper more time getting into more specialized exercise regimes for sport, My results would have been ever greater than thrones I have already achieved.  This also reflects how well Jeff can assess an individual's fitness level. To go off of that, the training Jeff has his athlete's perform are always practical and directly related to the motions and movements of their sports. It is obvious when you are training with him that your training is optimal and will go to good use.  I have learned a lot from Jeff. I experienced great results from his methods and training with him with the little time we have had together, and I have seen his work with other athletes that he has had more time with go even farther and greater".   -  Rob Oswald - College Ruby Player
I have been training under Yosef Johnson for almost 2 years, now, and with Jeff for almost a year. Since I started training with them, I have seen incredible and tangible results in the gym and in my results as a tennis player. Being taught and getting to learn from them has been an inspiring and exciting experience to say the least. Jeff is the most dedicated person I know to his craft, and stops at nothing to make his athletes improve. The unique and focused program that Jeff and Yosef bring to the table is totally different than anything I had done before, and so are the results. I went from hardly being able to squat the bar with anything relatively close to good form, to now squatting 225lb for 14 reps. I am ten times more explosive and powerful on the tennis court, and feel like my athleticism, which was nonexistent before starting with Yosef and Jeff, is now one of my biggest strengths as a tennis player. In the last year I have gone from being ranked outside of the top 230 in the nation, to inside the top 120 for the first time in my junior career. Having Jeff and Yosef as part of my junior tennis career and development has gotten me to a place as an athlete I wouldn’t have expected. The best part of what they do is that I know I am nowhere near my full potential and I wouldn’t want anyone else in charge of getting me there.
— Caleb Troy | top 90 nationally ranked tennis player
I trained with Jeff Moyer my 8-9 grade year. Through Coach Moyers training I got stronger, quicker, and faster. I gained 100 pounds on my squat and 50 on my bench, but the most impressive result was my agility and speed. My 40 time started off from a 5.37 to a 4.88 in only 6 months. With coach Moyers training you have to be patient and stay with it. I became a freshman starter on my varsity football team. I was named all league, but i could not have done this if i wasn’t fast, powerful, and agile. From his training i became a better athlete and a successful football player. To be good in sports you have to be fast and agile.
’Speed is King’
— Aubrey Leverich - Football Player
This program gave bigger, faster, and stronger whole new meanings. I achieved gains I’ve never thought I could achieve through this program. Detailed workouts that worked every muscle in the body. My bench was 325, an increase of 110lbs and my squat was 525, an increase of 225lbs. My 40yd dash time improved by over 3/4 of a second! Jeff really knows what he’s doing. By far one of, if not, the best weight training programs I’ve ever had.
— Nick Lee - Football Player
I trained with Jeff Moyer my freshman and sophomore year in high school. From freshman to sophomore year I gained 30 pounds. I went from 250 pounds to 280 pounds, and still dropped my 40 time by .2 seconds. My squat went up 120 pounds and my bench up 75 pounds. He also helped me recover from a back injury, which I couldn’t have done without him. His understanding of biomechanics is superior and he’s the best strength coach I’ve ever worked with.
— Sepp Martin - Football Player
My time training with Jeff Moyer was arguably my most successful period of my athletic career during his training he turned me from a 165 pound average junior in high school with mediocre accolades to a 180 pound second team all conference, two time All Central New York, athlete. When I first met him I was an average speed with a 4.7 40 yard dash time and a less then an average strength with a 135 bench for 1 and a 200 max squat, but with his very well paced work out regiment he worked with me and taught me not to push it but to build up and eventually you’d get to where you wanted. Sure enough months later I was running a 4.53 40 yard dash, I could now bench 135 20 times, max squat 315 and gained almost 20 pounds of muscle. I can honestly say that span of a year was honestly the best I’ve ever felt in my life which is why I still til this day seek his training.
— Khiary Gayle - College Track & Field Athlete