Jeff Moyer | Owner/Director of Programming 

Jeff Graduated in 2004 from Hartwick College where he was a two sport athlete (Football & Track & Field).  Jeff has been a sport coach (Basketball & Football) at the youth, JV, Varsity and College level for football for over 10 years.  Jeff has been in the strength in conditioning industry for over a decade, having worked in the commerical, medical, private, team, high school and collegiate settings, training clients from youth development, to rehabilitation and sport performance. 

Jeff has also authored chapters in two books on athletic development.


- 7 Years Apprenticed under Dr. Michael Yessis

- Mentors under: 

  • Yosef Johnson (Ultimate Athlete Concepts)

  • Henk Kraaijenhof

  • Dr. Natalia Verkhoshanksy

  • Dr. Bill Harrison

- Fellowship trained under Dave Tate, Owner of EliteFTS

- Degree in U.S. History and Education

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S)  with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

- Certified Special Strength Coach Westside Barbell

- Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

- Certified Reflexive Performance Reset Coach

- Level 3 Certified Primal Reflexive Reset Technique